One year ago… Happy 2nd Birthday to Me!

One year ago I woke up at 4 AM to get ready to have surgery and slay cancer. Of course I was scared but I had given control, even of that, to God (because I am a bit of a control freak LOL.) My husband supportive as ever, scared as I was, was a trooper. We just went about it like a task we have to accomplish and that was that. I showered as they request you to do with that funny colored soap, and wore my grape colored sweat pants, ample and comfortable so I could come back home in them again. I wore a top the same color and a jacket. Prayed before leaving, and prayed in the car as we were leaving. Called my mom and she said she and my sister were on their way as well. The hospital was in a different state which is actually 45 minutes away (on a good day and without traffic, if you know Washington D.C. metropolitan area traffic…) but off we were. When we arrived at the hospital the valet parking was not set up yet because it was well… very early. We found a parking spot (the only one available) in front of the hospital and we went inside. We had never been to the hospital, just spoke on the phone, checked it out on the web and here we were. I asked John to make the for registration line while I waited. I sat down on a bench right outside. My family arrived but I was busy with the paperwork. They sat me on a wheelchair and asked me to wait. I saw them, I gave them a hug but could not really talk that much. I was afraid of cracking. They called me, and John and I went to pre-op. Then John had to leave until further notice, I was not happy but had to be strong. This was it. The moment of truth. The moment of meeting my fears head on.

They did everything, they gave me a lilac gown with matching cap, they gave me an IV and all the million things they do. I went through the motions following instructions. John came back and sat there quietly, strong, and calmed. He definitely was the calm in the middle of the storm. He is my soulmate. He knows me sometimes better than myself and loves me unconditionally. The doctors came to introduce themselves, all of them, the nurses too and it felt very good to meet them and it really felt like they had my back, for real. They also asked questions, like gazillions. The nurses were cracking jokes, I had a dedicated male nurse who was very kind. My anesthesiologist was a nice lady and her supervisor came to meet me. I really think they were really trying to see what was the best concoction to give me. I was given the thumbs up by all my doctors, including the pulmonologist so here I was… wondering why I was attracting so much attention. I took selfies I hugged John, my sister, mom, niece and then my surgeon came by. I was in a high and I told her: “Hey Dr. D let’s slay this!” She smiled and said: “see you in there.”

12 months later today here I am. Today is my second birthday. I am still figuring out my new purpose, but God has laid some new opportunities before us and as we embark on this project I think a lot of the changes that are coming as well. Anyways, still not many people know about this ordeal and some listen to it like it’s nothing… go figure. But it is my personal journey after this scare. So today is a bit of a celebration and time to really set the new coordinates. Happy Second Birthday to me!

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