This is how we Roll

For some reason we both know we were meant to be together. I write the most here, although this was John’s idea, because he is normally working or checking the news and some videos or sites on his phone LOL. He probably won’t be happy with this comment, but I guess I am more gregarious than he is and make the time. But back to what I said, we were meant to be.

When I met John he said he had had a dream about meeting Belinda and he did not want to scare me away if he shared this. I did not learn this until we were married or about to be married. He said he knew it was me. I believe him. When I met him it was like we were at the same level and at the same time opposites that melded well together. We did have some obstacles, we did not have much experience with being a couple to others so  with faith and perseverance, because we knew we belonged together, we made it through.

In my mind there is no doubt… we hope you enjoy our journey.

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right (LOL)

This was a gift from my father-in-law, Ernie. He thought it was funny and what can I tell you (so did we.) My honey is most of the times right but for some reason I feel that so am I. But we are a team, we work together and we get to decisions together. There is no you are right or wrong, although sometimes if our convos get heated up… well you can just imagine. But these mugs have really made us smile more than once. We are thankful for these times. Love is grand!